Slicy by MacRabbit with Retina Goodness

Slicy by MacRabbitLooks as though the team over at MacRabbit has done it again. Brilliant app that takes a lot of headache out of exporting multiple images from Photoshop. That brilliant app is called Slicy! And if you haven’t experienced the polished apps of MacRabbit yet head over to my earlier review of Espresso IDE.

I just tossed together a Photoshop DOC of a few dozen product shots and named them in a folder a piece with a watermark, then saved the PSD and dropped it on Slicy and voila, done! This can save you the repeated steps of “Save for Web/Devices” hiding and unhiding layers and so forth.

Another nice bit is that the app is smart enough to export based on the layers viewable portions, especially handy with transparent PNG and the likes. So you really don’t need to change the way you use Photoshop to design. It would be neat to see some integration with other types, like layers PNG’s from Fireworks or Pixelmator files in the future, maybe if this app takes off really well they’ll plan that sort of expansion for future releases?

Update!, Now Slicy has added easy Retina Graphics exporting, thus relieving the current headaches of developing for the new iPad and updated MacBooks! If you still haven’t tried out Slicy you should head over to their page and Download the trial (or better yet, BUY!).