An Easy Geek Holiday Wishlist

Every year the holidays edge closer and I am just awful at letting my family know what I’d like for gifts, a wishlist if you will. So a few years back I decided to somewhat automate the process. As I work online I generally see things I’d like on different sites and bookmark them to potentially purchase at a later date, I started tagging links with xmas2010 that year and then I could easily pull the list out and email it to my relatives, then it struck me, I’m taking too many steps there, I should just aggregate that info on my personal site. I’ve used this method with really good success and decided I should let you know about it too!

A few folks asked me for a demo of this, and here you go, feel free to buy me anything on here!

Without further ado, a Geeks Holiday Wishlist!

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Compatibility Mode Sucks, And Here’s Why

Microsoft in its infinite wisdom decided that you as a developer should be able to check development using an older version of their rendering engine. Developer rejoiced in this idea and figured that it would make things awesome from this day forth for the worlds most widely used browser. Compatibility Mode was born, but the issue is that it doesn’t actually work as promised *sadface*.

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Code Hoarding and other Nonsense

HoardingCode Hoarding. Over the lifespan of a production website it’s easy when refactoring or doing some design updates to toss old code into a folder for later use, that we will never look at again. Or when we notice the myriad of folders like _old, archive2009, _red-site and so on we begin to feel a tad disgusted, yet still don’t clean it up.

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User and Touch Friendly Multiple Select Boxes

Caps-Lock+is+FULL+OF+AWESOME!!1!I’ve done it folks, I’ve single-handedly fixed the internet! Okay, not the internet as a whole but form interaction! Okay, just multiple select drop downs but it’s a start in the right direction.

One thing I’ve heard time and time again, and even had my own gripes about is the multiple select boxes. Sure hold down control or command and select a few options, scroll down further and neglect to hold down your “magic” key and select another option, CRAP, now start over.

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Customize the WordPress Tweet Button Text

Recently I began noticing the official Twitter Buttons popping up in WordPress themes left and right, of course this is a fairly simple thing to accomplish. There are a few schools of thought on the best way to implement the two I’m going to give you a few defaults but also show you how I leverage WordPress Custom Fields to provide an easily controllable option.
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