Add Some Muscle to Your GoPro

As a video equipment nerd, I’ve come to love the GoPro HD and HD2 cameras. Small, light, versatile cameras that can be seemingly placed anywhere you might want to share a point-of-view from. These little gems seem to dominate the action camera market and there is plenty of gear to get your hands on to enhance the experience.

With every great product comes user feedback exploiting it’s weaknesses. The GoPro has its few, and one of which seems to be the housing that the gopro rests in for protection. The housing is made of plastic and if you’re like me, in that you put your gopro into danger every time you use it, you may be a bit worried. After all, the goal is to have a few of these cameras in my stable..not to replace them constantly.

Enter the new HEADCASE and HEADGEAR PRO. A nearly indestructable GoPro mounting case that boasts a plethora of features that make it not only handy for saving your investment, but also adding to it’s flexibility. After the jump we’ll list the features of each package from UNRULY(the company involved in bringing these cases to life) and take a look at how to get your hands on one.

This new GoPro beef has two different models to choose from: The HEADCASE and the HEADGEAR PRO, and here are the features of each..


  • Retrofit design works with both the GoPro Hero and Hero II cameras.
  • Keep your GoPro dry while getting all of the mounting options used by the pros! Mount your camera to anything via one or more of the 8x threaded mounting holes.
  • Protect your clear lens with the included screw-on lens ring and rubber cap.
  • The super-tough anodized aluminum HEADGEAR frame prevents damage and destruction to your fragile camera.


  • Retrofit design works with both the GoPro Hero and Hero II cameras.
  • Keep out grime and moisture with rubber sealed buttons, windows and door.
  • Protect your camera from extreme abuse with aluminum and stainless steel construction.
  • Mount your camera anywhere, in any configuration with 9x quarter-twenty threaded holes.
  • Say NO to lens damage with the protective screw-on lens ring – 40mm filter threads and rubber lens cap included.
  • The GoPro camera body is protected from extreme shock by foam pads embedded inside the case.
  • Access all cable ports just by removing the sealed rubber inserts.
  •  All four tally lights on the HERO 2 remain visible via sealed, acrylic light tubes.
  • The GoPro’s delicate front display and tally light are protected by a single, replaceable window.
  • There’s no need to carry multiple doors anymore! Use your camera stand-alone, with the GoPro battery Pack or with the GoPro Monitor. The HEADCASE has a rigid, reversible-flippable rubber hood with embedded acrylic window that fits tightly inside the rear door. 1 hood=3 modes.
So you wanna get your hands on one of these? You’re in luck..almost. Currently this is a Kickstarter project that is well on its way to getting off the ground. Check out the video below and give the UNRULY HEADCASE and HEADGEAR PRO page a look.